Submissions Policy

POETRY PROPER Editors: Miriam Gamble, Paul Maddern & Alex Wylie email: Submissions (email only) We do solicit material but your submissions are welcome. Work is unremunerated. Copyright of all work remains with the authors/artists. Please attach poems and/or articles in one Word document and also include the work(s) in the body of the email. Receipt of your submission will be acknowledged by email. We do not publish contributor’s biographies and do not require you to send one with your submission. Just your name will suffice – along with a declaration that the submitted work is yours and that it is available to be published in Poetry Proper. The editors’ decisions are final. Advice or comments on work will not be offered. Poems: 6 poems maximum per submission. There are no restrictions on subject matter, length, ‘styles’ or ‘schools’. Please select a sensible font for your submission. Articles / Essays: We welcome reviews, essays and commentaries. However, initially, please send us only your proposal/abstract/description. We will then confirm suitability, format and timescales with you. Artwork: Please send work in JPEG format only.