Thursday, 8 September 2011

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Poetry Proper 3rd Issue

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Contents: Issue 3

A Prologue

Poems by

      Martin Mooney:
          Bernard Manning in Hell
            O'Neill Road
      Christopher Kitson:
            The Ambassadors 
            On the Flightpath of Bats
      Elizabeth Campbell:
            Dalkey Island
      Eoghan Walls:
            The Dance of Ararat
            Revenge of the Crab Monsters 
      Dominic Connell:
            Pete's Granddad 
      Richard Epstein:
            Winter Leaves
            This House No Longer
      Nell Regan:
            Southern Star, January 1915
      Vidyan Ravinthiran:

Featured Poet: Frances Leviston
              Bearded Ladies
      Essay: Fabulous Appendages: Ange Mlinko's
                   Shoulder Season”

      Paul Maddern
              from ‘An Hour in Tate Modern’